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Story of Hriti Foundation

Story of Hriti Foundation

When I was 17, I got the opportunity to participate in different discussion program in Kathmandu. I got the opportunity to meet the public intellectuals, know about their impressive work and their dedication for community. After returning from Kathmandu to my home land Surkhet, I joined in bachelor. In that period, I encouraged to build the student council in my college. Surkhet Model College, where i studied, was agreed to form the Surkhet Model College Student Council, non-political student union in my leadership. In the same time, I got the opportunity to engage in Tanneri Chaso, national network of active youths. By using this big platform, i expand my network nationwide and I developed my personal leadership Skills.

We formulated the Tanneri Chaso Surkhet, a network of youths from Surkhet to search the accountability in public service delivery and policy making. In that period, we have organized many public programs, campaign and trainings. In 2017, Samriddhi Foundation was going to organize the workshop named LEAP, and, team of Samriddhi Foundation came to Surkhet to select the participants for that workshop. I also got the opportunity to meet them, i was selected, and I participated in that workshop. LEAP, workshop organized by Samriddhi Foundation was milestone of my career. I have learned about liberal values, important of individual freedom and market economy. After returning from that workshop, i thought that i can start one think tank in my Karnali Province. Then, i discussed with my team mate, stakeholders and advisors. Four energetic friends were ready to start the foundation, and finally we started ‘Hriti Foundation’.

After establishing the Hriti Foundation, I got the opportunity to participate in Think Tank Essentials and Asian Liberty Forum in Colombo, Shreelanka organized by Atlas Network. That training was also a fruitful for the growth of Hriti Foundation. The Constitution of Nepal, 2015 has recognized Karnali province as the largest province of Nepal including 10 districts and 79 local governments (municipalities), each with legislative and executive powers. Thus, the provincial government and the 79 municipalities have started the process of formulation of new policies and reform of existing policies. Some policies have already formulated but most of them are still under formulation. More importantly, nothing is set in stone. Since these sub-national governments did not exist in the past, there is no prior experience they can reflect on to employ these new powers endowed upon them to come up with policies and legal frameworks that harness the entrepreneurial spirits of the Nepali people who aspire to become prosperous. Policymakers are thus looking for ideas.

Hriti Foundation is strategically positioned to capitalize on this. Hriti has a strong network of sub-national stakeholder groups and support and guidance of Samriddhi Foundation – a Kathmandu based think tank which is also a long-standing partner of the ATLAS Network – which can be leveraged to capitalize on the needs of the policy-makers to create a conducive policy regime at State and local levels. We aware and inform the policy makers of this province to consider liberal values and ideas of competition while drafting their policies and laws such that they can directly contribute to the economic transformation of the province. Likewise, Hriti believes in the power of private entrepreneurs to drive the economy and hence we will inform them about the importance of institutions like free markets, entrepreneurship, individual property rights and rule law to achieve the goal of prosperity – the number one aspiration of the people of Karnali at present.

Hriti was established as a think tank to work on these very guiding values. Hriti Foundation advocates about the importance and prospect of liberal values in terms of delivering as per the aspiration of the people of Karnali. Hriti has set two distinct stakeholder groups as its major target segments – policy makers, and young students and leaders. Our major collective strengths are our strong and motivated team members. All of us are self-motivated and working in diverse sectors—between five to ten years. We have prepared an operation committee in our foundation including all founding members of organizations.

Local entrepreneurs of Karnali province are working with us as an advisory team. Three provincial assembly members who are also the policymakers of province, they are working with us. They also motivated in our works. Samriddhi Foundation has played the crucial role in the establishment of our organization We were motivated to establish the Hriti Foundation after attending the training conducted by Samriddhi Foundation. We were inspired from their works and ideas. The event convinced us that we have to follow a free market economy for prosperity of the province. Samriddhi Foundation operates at national level. We have chosen to focus our work as a Think Tank to promote these ideas at provincial level. We have many opportunities at the provincial capital of Karnali province where we are going to launch our activities. Most of the provincial policy makers are available in Birendranagar – our base. It is also a rising city of Karnali Province in terms of trade, business and education. Therefore, it is feasible to launch our activities in this location. The policy making process is currently picking pace in the province.

We have very good relations with policymakers here, especially young policymakers. Therefore we believe that we can play vital role in policy reform process as a think tank. The umbrella organizations of entrepreneurs are actively working in private sectors. We can coordinate them to promote liberal ideas. We have also opportunities to discuss plans, policies and budgets of provincial and local government. Most of Karnali people have access of social media and mobile service. We can use social media to deliver our message among the people. Entrepreneurship culture has been growing day by day and the most important agenda of the province is economic development or prosperity.

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