Karnali Landscape, Volume: 8, July 14, 2023

Karnali Landscape 8
Friday, 14th July 2023

  • Karnali provincial government has spent 72.84 percent of recurrent expenditure and 64.08 percent of capital expenditure for the fiscal year 2022/023. Read More
  • Karnali provincial government has transferred about 6 billion rupees of its budget for the fiscal year 2022/023. Read More
  • Karnali provincial assembly has passed the annual budget of Karnali provincial government for the fiscal year 2023/024. The total amount of the budget is about 33 billion. Read More
  • Karnali provincial government has been building a provincial-level stadium in Birendranagar. The stadium has 60 percent physical progress and 46 percent financial progress by now. Read More
  • 700 households in Humla and Mugu are living without power for eight months. The 65 KW Nerakhola Micro Hydropower Project broke down in December last year, but repair work has yet to start. Read More

Comment:  Karnali provincial government has recorded poor financial progress for the current fiscal year as in the past fiscal years. Moreover, the government generates little income in comparison to its expenses. Thus the provincial government has to improve its budgetary process i.e. formulation, implementation monitoring, and evaluation.


Karnali Landscape is a  weekly update series of the Hriti Foundation. Focusing on the Karnali province, the issues that have come up in discussions in the week on social media and mass media, are collected and published.  Karnali Landscape is published through Hriti Foundation’s website and social media.