About Us

Hriti Foundation is a public policy think tank based in the Karnali Province of Nepal.

Hriti Foundation promotes market-based solutions to resolve the local problems for a prosperous Karnali. It believes in the power of ideas and therefore hosts its flagship program ‘ Karnali Utsav KudaKarnalika’ – a three-day long festival that aims to spark a much-needed debate on the need to unleash Karnali’s inherent potential and reorient the focus on homegrown solutions. Karnali Utsav Kuda Karnalika is the largest public-private dialogue platform in Karnali. These events see a presence of more than 70 speakers engaging in a constructive discourse across several sessions. These deliberations host federal ministers, provincial Ministers, sectoral experts, policymakers, regulators, business community leaders, civil society actors, and journalists who delve into the prospects of Karnali and challenges she faces both at a political and economic front.

The vision of Hriti is to support the policymakers for a prosperous Karnali where government ensures economic rights of citizens. Its mission is to inform the policy makers and citizens on individual and economic rights through research and advocacy and to set liberal values as the core values of provincial policies. The foundation actively conducts ‘Let’s Speak’ that is a regular fortnightly discussion series hosted parallelly at different parts of the province. This program engages young intellectuals who discuss on contemporary issues, prospects and challenges that exist in Karnali. Likewise, ‘Karnali Kachahari’ is another major program hosted by Hriti. This program is a monthly panel discussion based public event where the foundation brings together province and local policymakers and citizens to discuss sub-national economic.