About Us

Hriti Foundation is a policy think tank based in Karnali Province. Along with policy research, policy action, and policy recommendation, it organizes a policy festival named Karnali Utsav Kuda Karnalika to help promote the idea of a prosperous Karnali.

Hriti Foundation envisions a society where individual rights and economic freedom are cherished and protected. The mission statement of Hriti Foundation is to promote individual and economic rights and advance liberal principles as the foundation of public policies through research, training, advocacy, and dialogue.

The foundation has conducted research on diverse policy issues. Hriti always keeps eyeing the government policies and their deliverables. Hriti tracks the parliamentary actions of both the parliament and the parliamentarians to make the public representatives more accountable. Moreover, Hriti carried out research relating to the budget. It also supports the governments i.e. province and local to create a larger impact of their policies. For that Hriti Foundation has been organizing policy discussions, workshops, and conclaves. Hence, Hriti provides policy recommendations to the governments, particularly to the Karnali province government based on the policy research.

With the changed context of federalism, the sub-national governments have started the process of formulation of new policies. However, since these sub-national governments did not exist in the past and do not have prior experience that they can reflect on to employ these new powers endowed upon them, Hriti Foundation tapped this opportune moment to build a think tank to inform the policymakers and to connect the civil society with their representatives.

Prior to the establishment of Hriti Foundation, Tanneri Voice – a monthly newspaper published by Tanneri Chaso that features young writers who act as watchdogs of the governmental plans- had been working in the field of youth empowerment in collaboration with the respective provincial and local governments in Karnali. Although TanneriChaso worked on pragmatic market solutions for the policy problems of Karnali, it was a loose network of young people. Therefore, Hriti Foundation was established as a think tank.

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