Major Programs

Karnali Utsav

Karnali Utsav (Karnali Festival)  is a three-day idea festival organized by the Hriti Foundation every year in Surkhet, the capital of Karnali. This open debate is  focused on the sustainable economic development of Karnali, socio-cultural identity and the road map for building a prosperous Karnali. The festival is being supported by the Karnali State Government, various local level governments of Karnali and the corporate sector. Karnali Utsav is a campaign to get to know and identify Karnali through various aspects. Festival explores the identity and potential of Karnali as well as contributes intellectually to the prosperity of the entire province. Know More

Let’s Speak

Let’s Speak is a regular discussion program on economic-political issues of Karnali Province. This event is held on the first and third wednesday of every month. Young and intellactual people discuss on current issues, make input on sound public policy. This program aims to bring policy makers and young intellactuals together to develop alternative ideas on public policy. This program has been organizing continuously since the establishment of Hriti Foundation. Know More

Parliament Watch

Hriti tracks the functioning of the Karnali Provincial Assembly and works with MPs from the assembly across political parties and MPs from Karnali province. Hriti provides a comprehensive and credible resource base to access Parliament-specific data, background information on Parliamentary and governance processes and analysis of key legislative and policy issues. Know More

Policy Discussion

We have been discussion the policies formulated by the Federal, Province and Local governments. In the Karnali Utsav, Sawal Uddyamiko and Let’s Speak also have policy discussion. Apart from that, we bring together stakeholders, experts and policy makers to promote citizen engagement in policy making. Know More

PPSP Karnali

The Pre-professional Parliamentary Support Program (PPSP) is a first of its kind in Nepal which is unique and exciting opportunity for young Nepalese citizens of Karnali State to learn law-making and public policy. PPSP Fellows are mentored by a Member of Parliament (MP) of Karnali State and work with the assigned MPs around 26 weeks (16 hours a week), for an active session in a parliament. The primary role of a PPSP Fellow is to deliver extensive research support to her/his MP for their parliamentary work. This involves drafting parliamentary questions for the MP, preparing speeches/documents for discussions, raising matters of public importance, drafting private members’ bills etc. Essentially, fellows are the knowledge-assistants of State MPs at the parliament of  Karnali State. When parliament is not in session, PPSP Fellows participate with policy makers, experts from think-tanks, academicians, journalists and leaders from distinct institutions by contributing in workshops on significant policy and development issues.  PPSP Fellows also participate in field visits during the inter-session period for a practical experience to governance at the grass root level.PPSP Karnali is organized by Pokhara Research Center (PRC) with collaborating Hriti Foundation.

Sawal Udyamiko

‘Sawal Uddyamiko’ is a discussion series which aims to portray the entrepreneurial journey of an entrepreneur. Know More