Call for Volunteers to Karnali Utsav Fourth Edition

Applications are invited from interested youth as volunteers are needed for the 4th edition of Karnali Utsav – Kuda Karnalika.

Karnali Utsav Kuda Karnalika fourth edition is going to be organized from  february 17 to 19, 2023,(Fagun 5-7, 2079) in Birendranagar, the capital city of Karnali Province.

Volunteers will be deployed with the aim of engaging the youth to such a grand festival and organize the event successfully.

For this purpose, energetic youths residing in Karnali province and from all over Nepal can apply. Based on the application form, we will reach out the applications and after reviewing the application and short interview, we will select volunteers for the fourth edition of Karnali Utsav.

Organizers will also provide orientation to the selected volunteers in virtual and physical presence. Also, depending on the need, the organizer can also conduct orientation at the event venue a few days before the event. The organizer will arrange lunch and travel costs for the selected volunteers, and will also provide a letter of appreciation after the program. Final list of the volunteers will be published on the website of Karnali Utsav.  In addition, the volunteers will be connected with further future opportunities.

Hriti Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Karnali province.  Since its inception, it has been working for the economic advancement and progress of the Karnali province according to its objectives. In particular, its purpose is to contribute to overall development by creating an atmosphere of discussion. Hriti Foundation has been conducting the Karnali Utsav Kuda Karnalika ( a marketplace of ideas) since 2020.

You can apply through this link