Call for volunteers

As volunteers are required for the third edition of ‘Karnali Utsav – Kuda Karnalika’, applications are invited from interested youth.

In the third edition of ‘Karnali Utsav’ which will be held from March 11-13, 2022 in Birendranagar, the capital of Karnali province, various issues related to Karnali will be discussed by famous speakers and moderators at local and national level. During the preparation and operation of the festival, volunteers will be deployed with the objective of mobilizing the youth with orientation to facilitate the management of the venue. For this, energetic youths living in Virendranagar with permanent address in Karnali can apply. Based on the application form, selection will be made through interview by phone, virtual or Inperson. The organizers will also provide virtual orientation to the selected volunteers. Also, the organizer will be able to conduct orientation at the event venue a few days before the event based on the need. The organizers will arrange lunch and travel remuneration for the selected volunteers in a certain quota, as well as provide testimonials after the program.

Hriti Foundation is a non-profit company established under the Companies Act, 2063. Since its inception, it has been working for the economic upliftment and progress of the Karnali region in line with its objectives. In particular, it aims to contribute to overall development by creating an atmosphere of discourse. The Foundation has been conducting regular public discussion programs such as Karnali Utsav, Let’s Speak, Sawal Udhyamiko, researching and lobbying for the necessary policy arrangements for the prosperity of Karnali. The Hriti Foundation It has been conducting Karnali Utsav every year since 2020 with the slogan “Kuda Karnalika”.

For Apply: