KARNALI LANDSCAPE, Volume: 36, 24th May 2024


Volume: 36

24th May 2024

In Karnali Province, preparations for the policies, programs, and budget for the next fiscal year (2024/025) are in full swing. In Karnali Province, preparations for the next fiscal year’s (2024/025) policies, programs, and budget are in full swing. The provincial government is discussing budget priorities with relevant agencies and has invited private sector representatives. These representatives suggest prioritizing market expansion, Surkhet Airport development, tourism, industry, and agriculture.

Karnali currently contributes 4.27 percent to Nepal’s GDP. Although this is modest compared to Bagmati Province’s 36.36 percent share, Karnali’s contribution has increased from 3.9 percent over the past six years. The annual GDP growth rate for Karnali is estimated at 3.39 percent for the current financial year, with the highest contributions from agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, and the lowest from administrative support services.

The fourth session of the second term of the Karnali Provincal Assembly has been started at 3 pm on Friday, May 24th.