‘Success of a business is largely dependent on staffs’ : Bhadra Bhandari, Entrepreneur of Karnali Province

I was born in Dullu, Dailekh. My family moved to Surkhet when I was two years old. My family was in business since my ancestor’s time, it was easy for us to do the same. My grandfather started a shop in Birendranagar forty years ago. Growing up, I saw my father and grandfather engaged business and I learned to earn a hundred rupees by investing one rupee.

After passing the School Leaving Certificate examination, I wanted to go Kathmandu to study further. But my father refused to let me go. So, I stayed in Surkhet and started studying here. In the meantime, I joined his business as well. Over time, I teamed up with some of my friends to open a private school. However, with the difficult environment created by the Maoist conflict, we were not able to continue running the private school. But I gained valuable experience from working in a group in business, which became very helpful for me later.

Considering the business environment of Surkhet, I believe my business is doing very well. My business is completely digitized and uses a government-licensed software. I have learned that the success of a business is largely dependent on training, motivation, and incentives, including the salary, I provide for employees.

We have held ourselves back by telling that Karnali is a remote area, which is not true. We have seen people from out of Karnali province are coming here and earning a decent income. Due to poverty in the province, the only concern people have is to earning money to save ourselves from hunger. If we were to receive better education and change the culture we grow up in, we can change our province.

What I think we need the most is efficient technical human resources. We need to encourage the new generation to be technically trained. In addition, to start a business in Karnali, we need to be clear about what kind of ventures have higher prospects of success. In my personal view, startups and businesses in technology, tourism, and hydroelectricity have more possibilities to grow in this province.

With regard to the problems entrepreneurs face, many problems are the result of government laws and regulations. Most of our land is under various forests. It is difficult to start a venture without land. Entrepreneurs have suffered a lot due to the expensive price of land here. If new legislation were to be enacted to lease vacant land for businesses, it would become easier to start new ventures. On the other hand, the local and provincial governments can bring in investors from outside the province. Although, it would be better to give ownership to the locals in the investment.


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