Entrepreneurship is not promoted by cumbersome government process: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs in Karnali have suggested investing by creating a pre-plan with creative business ideas. They also said that the cumbersome process of government  did not promote entrepreneurship.

Speaking  on Hriti Foundation’s Virtual discussion  ‘Sawal Udyamiko’ on the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021  on November 11, entrepreneurs from Karnali province suggested to study its effectiveness and market before investing.

Entrepreneur Sandesh Rawat said that if a new and different type of venture plan is established in Karnali, it will be successful. Stating that raising capital is not the only way to start an enterprise, he said that entrepreneurship can be done even with a small amount of capital.

Siya Karki, a member of the FNCCI Surkhet chapter and an entrepreneur, said that there was a long process and complexity in getting loans provided by the government to women entrepreneurs.
She shared her experience of working in the Department of Women Entrepreneurship in the Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI). “Women entrepreneurs have been complaining to me that it is very difficult for them to get government grants and concessional loans and not all entrepreneurs have access to them,” she said.

Entrepreneur Avinash Thani of Birendranagar said that entrepreneurs should be patient to get return on investment. He suggested taking time to study the market and take risks and work hard.

The program was facilitated by Shyam Bhandari of Hriti Foundation. In the program, an inspiring journey in entrepreneurship, challenges and solutions to those challenges and opportunities were discussed.

During the discussion, the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship in Karnali as well as the infrastructure and policy plans of the government to be entrepreneurial friendly were also discussed.

Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated worldwide every year from November 8 to 14 in the English calendar.