Budget Analysis of Local Governments

Hriti Foundation is preparing  a comparative analysis of the budget of 16 local levels of Karnali for five fiscal years. Budget analysis includes budget priorities, sectoral budget allocations, etc.  The five-year term of the elected representatives at the local level was ended and five budgets have already been brought. Hriti Foundation is analyzing the budgets of 16 local government for five fiscal years (Fiscal Year 2074/75 to Fiscal Year 2078/079) which includes the following municipalities.

1. Birendranagar Municipality, Surkhet
2. Chingad Rural Municipality, Surkhet
3. Gurbhakot Municipality, Surkhet
4. Chaukune Municipality, Surkhet
5. Simta Rural Municipality, Surkhet
6. Chamundra Bindrasaini Municiaplity, Dailekh
7. Bhairabi Rural Municipality, Dailekh
8. Naumle Rural Municipality, Dailekh
9. Bhagawatimai Rural Municipality, Dailekh
10. Tatopani Rural Municipality, Jumla
11. Shubakalika Rural Municipality, Kalikot
12. Simkot Rural Municipality, Humla
13. Kapurkot Rural Municipality, Salyan
14. Aathbiskot Municipality Rukum, West
15. Barekot Rural Municipality, Jajarkot
16. Nalagad Municipality, Jajarkot