KARNALI LANDSCAPE, Volume: 19, 27th October 2023


Volume: 19,

27th October 2023

Karnali, a hidden gem of Nepali civilization, thrives amidst stunning natural beauty. With ancient roots in script, language, and culture, it offers a trove of linguistic and cultural wealth. A visit enriches the soul and fuels economic growth, urging private sector investment in this blossoming tourism haven. Karnali is an odyssey of discovery, a testament to Nepal’s essence.  Read More

Rajkumar Sharma, the Chief Minister of the Karnali state government, emphasized the need for all three levels of government to prioritize the concerns of the people. He underscores the importance of a people-friendly approach in local, state, and federal governance, believing it to be the key to a palpable transformation in the system. This sentiment reflects a deep commitment to inclusivity and a desire for positive change that resonates with the hopes and aspirations of the populace. Read More

In the Simkot Rural Municipality of Humla, a devoted Deuda culture platform thrives, dedicated to preserving this cherished heritage. Through monthly gatherings filled with soulful Deuda songs, they rejuvenate a rich cultural tapestry including Deuda, Dhal, Damaya, and more. Recognizing waning interest among the youth, the community united to create this beacon of hope for Deuda traditions. Their resolute efforts echo through the hills and valleys, a testament to the enduring spirit of cultural preservation in Humla. Read More


Karnali Landscape is a weekly update series of the Hriti Foundation. Focusing on the Karnali province, the issues that have come up in discussions in the week on social media and mass media, are collected and published. Karnali Landscape is published through Hriti Foundation’s website and social media.