KARNALI LANDSCAPE, Volume: 35, 17th May 2024


Volume: 35

17th May 2024

Karnali province government has been disappointing. In the ten months of the fiscal year 2080/81, only 30.67 percent of the province government’s budget has been implemented. Specifically, 41.39 percent of the current budget and only 23.09 percent of the capital budget have been expended.

As the Karnali province government prepares the budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2081/82, delays from political upheaval have previously hindered the process. Currently, there is a surge of individuals seeking their projects from the provincial ministries. However, Chief Minister Yamlal Kandel has asserted that he will prevent any mishaps during the plan formulation. Political disputes have left one ministry in Karnali without a minister, further complicating the budget-making process. The province government must present the next financial year’s budget to the province assembly by June 15.