Let’s Speak : Limits of Freedom (EP 51)

Let’s Speak is a regular discussion program on economic-political issues of Karnali Province. This event is held on the first and third wednesday of every month. Young and intellactual people discuss on current issues, make input on sound public policy. This program aims to bring policy makers and young intellactuals together to develop alternative ideas on public policy.

This program has been organizing continuously since the establishment of Hriti Foundation. So far, this program have been organized more than 50 times. This series of discussion was postponed from second week of march due to Covid-19. Now, this program will start virtually from  Sep 2, 2020.

Let’s Speak : Limits of Freedom (EP 51)

Government school teachers have been fined for teaching their children in a private school in Gurans Rural Municipality, Dailekh. We have planned to discuss about the limits of freedom related with education. Discussions will be focused on the short-term and long-term impact of this policy and the  impact on individual freedom. Educational experts, young intellectulas, policymakers and teachers will join in this event.

Other details of the discussion are as follows.

Date:  Sep 2, 2020

Time: 11 AM – 12:30 PM

Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/hritifoundation


If you have any query/question/concern about the event, you can call on 9814579612 or contact on hritifoundation@gmail.com/ info@hriti.org.