Minister Commits to Stakeholder-Informed Budget for Fiscal Year 2081/082

The pre-budget discussion program for the next fiscal year (2081/082) has been completed. This event, held on Friday in Birendranagar, was organized by the Hriti Foundation, a think tank dedicated to working on economic and policy issues in Karnali Province.

During the event, Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning, Mahendra KC, highlighted the need for capital to drive development in Karnali. He stressed the importance of fostering industrial awareness, paying taxes from production and income, and incorporating stakeholders’ suggestions into the budget to bring about positive changes.

Journalist Deepak Budha emphasized the importance of collecting revenue in an environmentally sustainable manner. He called for a reduction in current expenses and a balanced approach to income and expenditure. Politician Gehendra Dahal encouraged the state government to focus on creating a result-oriented budget.

Leela Ram Dhungana, a banking sector professional, expressed concern about the minimal implementation of budget allocations. He pointed out that the internal income of Karnali province is very low and recommended that the provincial government take steps to increase it. “The budget should focus on areas where economic activity and employment can be increased,” he said.

Female entrepreneur Mansara Nepali called for a transparent and clear budget and planning process.

Bed Prakash Dhakal, Assistant Professor at Midwest University, highlighted the significant role of bureaucracy in budget formulation and implementation. He emphasized the need for smooth relations and coordination between employees and public representatives.

Stakeholders from various sectors working in Karnali province participated in the program.