KARNALI LANDSCAPE, Volume: 17, 13th October 2023


Volume: 17,

13th October 2023

  • Karnali province celebrates a significant milestone, with all 34,671 children fully vaccinated.  Read More.
  • The Karnali Provincial Assembly concluded its budget session after 39 meetings spanning 54 hours. Key accomplishments include policy approvals, budget allocations, and vital bill enactments for the current fiscal year. The Province Assembly also ratified the Karnali Province Training Academy Bill and the Province Civil Service Bill by establishing crucial frameworks for capacity development.Read More.
  • The Karnali Province Civil Service Bill garnered majority support in the provincial assembly meeting on October 09, paving the way for a robust public service system in the province.Read More.
  • Karnali Province introduces its comprehensive ‘Land Use Policy’, a collaborative effort led by the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives, supported by the Provincial Planning Commission and guided by technical expertise from the United Nations. Read More.
  • Karnali province gears up for its inaugural investment summit. Preparations are underway, with three specialized groups formed to outline detailed project proposals. Engaging in dialogue and hosting a summit are crucial steps toward Karnali’s prosperity. Creating an environment for investment is essential for development.Read More.
  • In a recent trend, attendance among MPs of the Karnali Provincial Assembly has been notably low. During the 39 meetings held in the budget session, a visible absence was observed among provincial assembly members, ministers of the provincial government, and even the chief minister. The remarkable absence of lawmakers in the house would raise a serious concern regarding the efficiency of meaningful legislative progress. Sustaining high attendance is vital for a robust democratic process. It ensures that the constituents’ voices are adequately represented and that legislation is crafted carefully and diligently.Read More.


Karnali Landscape is a weekly update series of the Hriti Foundation. Focusing on the Karnali province, the issues that have come up in discussions in the week on social media and mass media, are collected and published. Karnali Landscape is published through Hriti Foundation’s website and social media.