Karnali Landscape: Volume 3 , 9 June 2023

Volume: 3
9 June 2023, Friday

  • Karnali International Film Festival-2080 BS would be organized for the first time at Birendranagar, Surkhet on September 21-23, 2023. The Festival aims at promoting Karnali’s narratives, lifestyles, costumes, arts, cultures, traditions, literature, and languages, among others, at national and international levels. Read More
  • The policies and programs of Karnali Province for the fiscal year 2080/081 (BS) have been passed with a majority of the Province Assembly on June 8. Read More
  • State neglect leaves the Surkhet-Jumla section of the Karnali Highway in dire condition. The 232-km stretch was last blacktopped in 2012, and annual repairs have been consistently shoddy. Read More
  • Local people of Kalimati Rural Municipality-1 Salyan have to walk five hours to reach the Ward Office. Read More
  • Locals of Birendranagar Municipality have faced a crisis of drinking water with the onset of the summer season. Read More
  • Chaurjahari Airport in Rukum-West has been closed for the past four years. The airport, targeted to the neighboring districts i.e. Jajarkot, Salyan, and Dolpa as well, was built in 2028 BS and was in regular operation until 2076. Read More
  • Almost 37 years after the construction started, the Sunthrali Airport in Kalikot is yet to come into operation. Read More

Karnali Landscape is a  weekly update series of the Hriti Foundation. Focusing on the Karnali province, the issues that have come up in discussions in the week on social media and mass media, are collected and published.  Karnali Landscape is published through Hriti Foundation’s website and social media.