Karnali Landscape, Volume: 9, July 21, 2023


Volume: 9

21st July 2023

  • Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has pledged to keep his words given to the people during the elections. He said he would keep his promises within five years even when the country’s economy is in a difficult situation at present.   Read More
  • From next month, the Salt Trading Corporation in Khalanga, the headquarters of Jumla district, will be making subsidized salt available at all ward offices in the district. Read More
  • Current landslides after the heavy rain in Birendranagar have caused irregularities in the drinking water supply in the city. Read More
  • Despite the legal compliances, Kumakh Rural Municipality of Salyan has yet to be made its budget public for the fiscal year 2023/24. Read More
  • Bank loans Nepal Rastra Bank The study report of Nepal Rastra Bank’s Surkhet office indicates that the total bank loans have increased in Karnali. The report titled ‘Half Annual Economic Activity Study Report, 2079’ has indicated that the industrial loan is more than five billion rupees. Read More 

Comment: With the increment in bank interest rates along with industrial loans, entrepreneurs in Karnali have faced financial crises. Stakeholders representing private sectors have alleged that the state is becoming illiberal. Such issues must be handled effectively via upcoming monetary policy.

Karnali Landscape is a  weekly update series of the Hriti Foundation. Focusing on the Karnali province, the issues that have come up in discussions in the week on social media and mass media, are collected and published.  Karnali Landscape is published through Hriti Foundation’s website and social media.